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Monday 2 July 2007

My Visit To Maputo

Until recently I had never visited the Radio Clube or LM Radio. Two weeks ago my wife and spent a few days in Maputo during which time I was given the chance to visit Radio Mocambique in Rua de Radio and also to look around the transmitting station at Matola. It was eirie walking around the radio station and visiting the studios and corridors where all those famous broadcasters of the 60s worked. I even got to sit in the announcer's chair in studio L4 which was one of the two main LM Radio on-air studios. Interestingly the studio is still equipped with the original RCA broadcast console which was used in the 60s and still used today for the special English programme of Radio Mocambique, called Mocambique corridor radio.

My hosts at the radio station were Carlos Silva who has worked there since 1951 and Loice Matusse (see inset picture). Carlos though he has officially retired still produces four progammes a week and oversees the training of new broadcasters. Thank you to both of these people and to Hermen Mula who took the time to show me around the transmitter site. Visit to see some of technical details I discovered on my visit. I am planning to return in the first week of September this year to gather more information and take a few more photographs. It truly was a great experience and I am looking forward to my next visit with great expectation. Chris

Sunday 1 July 2007

Welcome to my radio pages

I'm a great fan of 60s radio - one of my hobbies is collecting and archiving the history of what was arguably the finest radio station in Africa. I'm talking about LM Radio which broadcast from Lourenco Marques in Mocambique into South Africa up until October 1975. Come and visit the LM Radio museum website, or write to me with your comments and memories.